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Advertise with us!


We offer sidebar, banner and footer advertising with reduced rates for artists and makers.

  • Ads are seen on every page and link to your site
  • You are welcome to provide discounts or giveaways for Avocado Sweet readers
  • Payment is by Paypal and must be paid prior to an ad being placed
Content and readership:
  • Avocado Sweet seeks out the best in design, home decor, crafts, cultural events, art, architecture and eating out. It attracts a worldwide audience of visitors from the UK, US, Canada and western Europe and has a strong following in Scotland. Curated by Jane Livingstone and Michelle McWilliams, each with over 20 years experience in PR, writing and communications, it also features guest columnists.
  • Readers arrive at Avocado Sweet through Google reader, Facebook and Twitter and from other blogs who have added links to the site. It also has a growing subscription list to its weekly newsletter.
  • Content is intelligent but wry, ahead of the curve yet accessible, stylish but not elitist.
  • There is a subtle Scottish flavour to Avocado Sweet, with tried and tested local content being offered alongside international stories.
  • Avocado Sweet’s publishing schedule is responsive and frequently ahead of print media with the latest content.
  • New posts are published regularly throughout the week.
  • Advertisers benefit from a targeted readership, association with high design values, Twitter and Facebook promotion and a growing newsletter subscription base.
Interested? Email us at with Ad Space Enquiry in the subject header. We look forward to working with you.

Links and reviews:

We occasionally accept paid links to products, events and restaurants we like and believe to be of good quality. We make it clear that a paid link has been included. If you have something you would like us to feature on Avocado Sweet, please email us at or

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