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Look inside the new Dunfermline Museum

Take a look inside Dunfermline's new £10.8m museum and art gallery by way of this flythrough video.  The museum has been funded by Fife Council, Heritage Lottery Fund and the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust and aims to integrate a modern design with the listed buildings on site including the world's first Carnegie Library. The facility will open in July 2016 and be managed by Fife Cultural Trust. With Dunfermlin ...

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Where I See Fashion

Where I See Fashion is a Tumblr by Bianca Luini who matches fashion with pictures of art, buildings, architecture. She may even have tracked down the designer's original inspiration. ...

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Dancing the Madison in Bande A Part

Let's get the week off to a Gauloise smoking, sweater wearing, finger clicking start with the iconic dance scene from Jean Luc Godard's 1964 Bande A Part (The Outsiders). Much imitated (by Quentin Tarrantino for one), the scene features Anna Karina, Sami Frey and Claude Brasseur dancing to John Lee Hooker's Shake it Baby. It's very very cool. [video width="600" id="DkNoxh8qZgU" type="youtube"] ...

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The Strongest of the Strange Ones by Charles Bukowski

you won’t see them often for wherever the crowd is they are not. those odd ones, not many but from them come the few good paintings the few good symphonies the few good books and other works. and from the best of the strange ones perhaps nothing. they are their own paintings their own books their own music their own work. sometimes I think I see them – say a certain old man sitting on a certain bench in a c ...

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Bill Murray sings House of the Rising Sun

Just when you thought you couldn't like Bill Murray any more than you do already, here he is singing House of the Rising Sun at an annual Caddyshack convention...happy Monday to you! [video width="600" id="WS7M5qFbKHc" type="youtube"]   ...

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My Florence: Art Shay’s photographic love letter to his wife

Former Life photographer Art Shay - who describes himself on Twitter as ' Wartime flier, peacetime racquetball champ, student of Greek philosophy' - is 91 years old. In his time he has photographed the Kennedys, Muhammad Ali, Elizabeth Taylor and a host of other 20th century icons. He still carries a camera and writes a blog for the Chicagoist . His favourite subject though was his wife of 75 years, Florenc ...

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Just a shot away: Merry Clayton’s world beating vocal behind the Stones

The recent Oscar winning documentary 20 Feet from Stardom tells of the amazing vocalists who often went 'unsung'. Some of the music business's greatest backing singers were failed stars, others were simply great singers without the mania or the will required to be frontmen. One of the very best  was Merry Clayton whose vocal on the Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter is the stuff of legend. When the Stones were i ...

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Hidden Door Festival on next week in forgotten vaults of Edinburgh

Edinburgh's Hidden Door Festival gets underway next week in the rediscovered vaults under Market Street. From 28 March until 5 April, the not for profit event will present 80 visual artists, 50 live music acts, 40 film makers, 30 poets, 30 performers, 20 animators and 9 unique parties in 2 live music vaults, 2 bars, 1 theatre, 1 cinema and 1 secret music venue. The currently derelict vaults are to be unlock ...

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