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Anna Karenina & Paloma Faith: hat shopping in South Queensferry?

If Anna Karenina and Paloma Faith need to go hat shopping then South Queensferry is where they should head. Joyce Paton opened Paton, the unexpectedly exotic store in the historic Scottish town at the end of March 2014.  Fur pill box hats with beautiful plumed feathers, which were created for catwalk shows and photoshoots, are on display alongside less extravagant pieces. For weddings and events Joyce can c ...

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My Florence: Art Shay’s photographic love letter to his wife

Former Life photographer Art Shay - who describes himself on Twitter as ' Wartime flier, peacetime racquetball champ, student of Greek philosophy' - is 91 years old. In his time he has photographed the Kennedys, Muhammad Ali, Elizabeth Taylor and a host of other 20th century icons. He still carries a camera and writes a blog for the Chicagoist . His favourite subject though was his wife of 75 years, Florenc ...

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Broomhead Bothy: of picture houses, green shield stamps and stovies

How do you make your stovies? Are you a corned beef kinda gal or sausage? Starting this Friday 14 March, the Broomhead Bothy comes to the Broomhead flats in Dunfermline and, in the community flat on the ground floor, will provide weekly cookery and art workshops as well the opportunity to pop in and share stories. Tales of green shield stamps and long gone picture houses are already being shared on the proj ...

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Ghostcube by Erik Aberg

The video of the Ghostcube may be mesmeric - any suggestions as to what its purpose might be? No words of enlightenment from the designer, Erik Aberg  - however he is selling a short documentary on how he made it. ...

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Scottish Pop Household Woes and other issues of the day

Scottish Pop Household Woes: The Vaselines unhappy about being swamped with junk mail Introducing the work of the brilliant if mysterious Jersey Milk Cow whose drawings expose the domestic concerns of stars of the Scottish music scene, Britpop, football and celebrity chefdom. The artist is currently based in Stockport. Of his website he says, 'My drawings are posted here – it’s a bit like an online gallery. ...

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Launch of The Kelpies, Falkirk

A spectacular night-time arts event called HOME will launch both the opening of the John Muir Way and the The Kelpies, Falkirk prior to their opening to the public on the 21st April. On two evenings, 17th and 18th April, a selection of one-off, specially-commissioned night-time artworks will illuminate Helix Park creating an extraordinary, animation of the horse head sculptures to a pulsating soundtrack. Ar ...

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Loux, The Vintage Guru of Namibia and retro African style

Loux, (above, pictured left) the vintage style guru of Namibia buys clothes at markets in Windhoek in Namibia and Pretoria in South Africa and adapts them to create what he decribes as a 'sophisticated punk' look - all his outfits are recorded on his tumblr . With no formal college qualifications in fashion he's learned from local tailors in Namibia. He's hooked up with Khumbala, a group of stylists based i ...

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Upcycled furniture and the irresistible charms of Scottish men

The charms of Scottish men proved irresistible for two Canadian sisters and explains why 'Georgia Rose', a furniture upcycling company happens to be based in Dunfermline, Fife instead of Prince Edward Island, Canada. Two days after missing her flight back to Canada, Natasha Gallant Marr, who had been visiting her sister Carrie in Edinburgh, was in Wester Hailes when she met Charlie, her future husband. Seve ...

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Masked 60s photography by Steinberg and Morath

Between 1959 and 1963  artist Saul Steinberg and the photographer Inge Morath - who married Arthur Miller in 1962 - photographed friends wearing paper bags and cardboard masks decorated by Steinberg. It is not clear why they embarked on this project, nor why they stopped. The masks are fantastic but what strikes most is how elegantly everyone is dressed. There are some great outfits and poses - not to menti ...

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