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Put out the flags – the Jubilee is nearly over

The Queen seems to be benefiting from Navratilova syndrome which is when you stay around so long people forget they used to be less fond of you. In the absence of doctors’ lines or notes from our mothers allowing us to sit the whole thing out, those of us with bunting allergies and a general aversion to union jacks, can at least approach the Jubilee with a bit of humour and an appreciation of two precious days off.  Treating the occasion with their usual charm and wit are Happythought whose printable Jubilee celebration comes with all the key figures, a colouring book, bunting and cupcake decorations. There is even a 50% discount if you write ‘One deserves a discount’ in the discount code box.

If you really can’t get into the spirit of the thing, these sick bags from Lydia Leith may come in handy.

A more serious approach comes in the form of this possible new Banksy which has just appeared on the wall of the Turnpike Lane Poundland in London. Sweat shop souvenirs anyone? Three cheers for the red, white and blue.

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