The eccentric characters in these photos by Norwegian photographer Anja Niemi illustrate her love of ‘a combination of darkness and humour’. Describing herself as ‘a narrative photographer with a fashion and film inspired aesthetic’ Niemi moved left Norway and moved to London to study at the London College of Printing. Below are ‘Behind Closed Doors’ explores her fascination with privacy, and what people might get up to behind closed doors. ‘Starlets’ which is a range of pictures that ponder the cracks behind the facades of fashion icons and film noir heroines. Room-391The-Secretary The-receptioninst The-Starlet1 Room-39-tub1 Room-81-suitcase1 Room-81-bed1

The photos below are from Anja’s most recent project, ‘Darlene and Me’ and were inspired by a lady’s suitcase and its contents which dated back to the 1960s. Originally Niemi had planned to analyse the relationship between the suitcase owner and her husband but decided it would be more interesting to analyse the relationship the owner had with herself; Niemi believed there had been great sadness in the life of the beauty sales agent.The-Pool-House The-Swimming-pool The-Terrace The-Garden-hose The-Trunk The-Chrysler The-Backyard