If you’ve had to shorten the sleeves on a jacket or put braid on a blazer and you live near Dunfermline, then chances are you’ll recognise Nihat Oymak, the owner of the new Turkish restaurant. For the past 10 years he has been running the tailors, Ace Alterations – currently based in Eastport.  Swapping bobbins for Turkish beer and wine, Nihat is also keen to ensure the food cooked on the charcoal grill is fresh every day – any food left at the end of the evening is given to staff.  Certainly it was possible to feel quite virtuous eating grilled lamb and chicken with salad and rice – although the same can’t be said of the delicious butter-soaked baklava. When Nihat is not busy running the tailors or the restaurant he’s supporting a number of local charities such as Football for Five, raising nearly £23,ooo to date.  If you’re planning a visit the restaurant in Bridge Street, see if you can recognise him without his tape measure.

Antioch, open from 5 until 11pm every day.