Avocado Sweet is delighted to welcome food writer Hazel Cameron to the team. We will be featuring regular posts from Hazel’s blog The Grumbling Tummy which she describes as covering food ‘from fine dining to fish fingers and everything in-between’. It can also be reached anytime by clicking on the contributor box on the right. 

Having roved around the country, Hazel settled back in Fife seven ago where she now lives with her husband and feisty four year old.  She works part time in media marketing and any spare time is devoted to food in one way or another – eating it, cooking it, reading about it, talking about it!

She admits she has a long standing obsession with food with a particular penchant for anything sweet and guesses that food is in her  blood: her dad is a trained baker turned fisherman and an all round food enthusiast and Hazel’s reckons her interest in all things edible stems from him.

Hazel started the Grumbling Tummy blog just over a year ago as a way to share her favourite restaurant finds, the recipes she was creating, the hidden food gems she discovered and of course the glory of fish fingers on white bread with salty butter: ‘It is a great outlet and saves my friends from having to listen to me talk about food all the time.  I think they appreciate it!’

Hazel says, ‘I like my food fresh, simple and above all tasty and I am incredibly lucky to live in a region where there is a superb natural larder to hand.  Fife features the most incredibly fresh seafood, fantastic berries, delicious meat and a whole host of locally produced goodies to try. Whilst I muse and enthuse about food from all over the country I am always delighted to blow the trumpet for Fife.  The Fife food landscape has changed so much since I was a kid and it really deserves to be shouted about.’