Bridge Street Kitchen may ‘ feel like a restaurant in the west end of Glasgow’ but the rural backdrop is the beautiful tiny town of Dollar in Clackmannanshire. The city centre ambience probably has a lot to do with the owners previous stints at Terence Conran restaurants such as Zinc Bar & Grill in Princes Square as well as The Metropolitan in Glasgow, Harvey Nichols & One Devonshire Gardens. Kerry and Alistair Prow also had the benefit of already knowing their customers; not only do they live in the area, they’ve owned and managed Dollar’s Delicatessen for the past six years.

Credit for the city vibe should also go to the designer Peter R Nelson who brought in ceramics artist Gavin Burnett to create the milk bottle chandelier – a clever nod to the past; the BSK site was once ‘Pitfar Diary’ where locals bought milk and cheese. ‘Most of the design in BSK has a back story; when I collected the vintage mirrors from Gum Tree I thought about how many faces have looked in them over the decades. The way they bounce natural light and candlelight in the evening is just perfect and the church pew cushions were made by Janice, one of Dollar’s Deli supervisors.’


Chef, Matt Varty shares the couple’s enthusiasm for casual dining – serving platters that can be shared and tapas-style dishes. The front of house team, Nick and Anita, used to own and manage their own hotel.

Kerry and Alistair have a young family with two children under five so taking on the restaurant was a tough decision but, with a full house every weekend since the doors opened on 17 October, the customers certainly believe they made the right decision.

24 Bridge Street
Dollar, Clackmannanshire

01259 928020

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
Wednesday 10:00am – 7:00pm, open late Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Bridge_Street_Kitchen_Dollar1 Bridge_Street_Kitchen_Dollar_Clackmannanshire4 Bridge_Street_Kitchen_Dollar_Clackmannanshire Bridge_Street_Kitchen_Dollar_Clackmananshire Bridge_Street_Kitchen_Dollar_Chandelier Bridge_Street_Kitchen_Ali_kerry