Tales from Allotment 65 – No 1

  by Nicki Slater, owner of The Imagination Workshop, Edinburgh   After being on the waiting list for six years I’m so happy to finally have an allotment, two minutes from my house and in a beautiful sunny spot. Frustratingly I can’t start work in it until the current tenants leave on 30 April, but I’ve started planning and planting seeds in pots. Veggie gardening is a totally new experience

Germany: Soho Architektur – simple and effective

Some great looking work here from award winning architectural practice Soho Architektur. Based in Memmingen in Germany,  the firm specialises in simple, sustainable designs which sit well in their environments. The house below is particularly pleasing in that  it looks entirely livable and practical while being attractive and contemporary – the ideal new build. Perhaps the next generation of Wimpey houses will look like this. Great to see a fresh take on

Coming soon – tales from allotment 65

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve Shanghai’d ourselves a gardening correspondent. Nicki Slater has just acquired her very own allotment in Edinburgh and is counting down the days until she can start digging, hoeing and planting. This is Nicki’s first attempt at allotment gardening so it will be fascinating to see how she gets on and how the allotment progresses over the months.  The best way to garden is to watch

A very happy Mother's Day to Stifler's Mom

What is it about Mother’s Day that imagines lobotomised, chocolate-obsessed, flower sniffing, Harvester munching sentimentalists in need of a day’s attention from the very people who should know them best? Give your mother a break with something that’ll make her laugh or something she may actually want, or just give her a break.  She may aspire to be less domestic saint and more Stifler’s Mom – shop accordingly. [Oh – and a much deserved happy Mother’s