In-demand comedy writer Steven Dick, who writes for Frankie Boyle and Have I Got News For You, will be in Dunfermline on Wednesday 7th September as part of Dunfermline’s Outwith Festival. Steven will be delivering a masterclass on comedy sketch writing so we put a few questions to him about the art of the sketch.:

AS: How often do you steal from real life for a sketch?

SD: Real life can often be an inspiration, as can thinking what could have happened or what would do you wish you’d said.

AS: If you could cast anyone in a sketch who would it be?

SD: David Mitchell is genius of sketch comedy. I think he could make anything funny with his vulnerable eyes and shouty voice.

AS: Who consistently writes the best comedy sketches?

SD: John Finnemore – writer of multiple radio 4 series is a powerhouse of sketch writing. And across so many programmes there’s rarely a duff one. 

AS: What is your all time favourite comedy sketch?

SD.: I love the simplicity of the smack the pony sketch where there’s no words but just increasingly larger bottles of water being drunk ending with an entire water cooler bottle drenching the actor. It really caught that moment when everyone seemed to need a bottle of water at all times.

Steven will be delivering his masterclass at 7.30pm at Abbot House Workshop on Wednesday 7th September. Tickets cost £5 plus booking fee and you can book yours here.