Laura Graham, the latest artist to exhibit at Fire Staton Creative in Dunfermline, has a fascinating background for a painter and equally interesting things to says about her chosen subjects: dogs. Originally from Kirkcaldy, Laura has had a stellar career as a multi award wining artist and filmmaker  – in 2012 she won Best Director  for International Short film at the Canberra Short Film Festival – and she is also a qualified solicitor.  On painting dogs for her exhibition which opens this Friday she says: ‘I was entranced by the soulfulness in the eyes of the dogs. Their hearts are wells of emotion and love, and in their eyes we can see that deep, deep sense of selflessness and wisdom… [The dog] does not pose. He is not aware of the painter.’

As a one off, the gallery has suspended its ‘No Dogs’ policy by allowing guests of the four legged variety to attend the private viewing on Thursday evening. Curator Ian Moir says, ‘I think this show will be a very popular with our visitors since there are so many dog lovers in Dunfermline. The portraits are expertly painted  and capture the beauty of many different breeds.’

Laura is very pleased to be exhibiting in Dunfermline: ‘I have had a chance to get to know Dunfermline again, the beauty of the old town centre, the abbey and palace, and I realise I didn’t know it at all.  I feel the history taught to us as children in Scotland failed to imprint the importance of this town, so I am very glad to be able to reacquaint with it, and I am grateful to be able to show my paintings in the heart of Fife.’

Laura Graham’s show will run from Friday the 8 June to Sunday 1 July. Entry is free.