Fancy a Foxy Blonde or a Dark Dunter this weekend? These are just two of the 60 beers, ales and ciders up for tasting at the Dunfermline Beer Festival, one of Fife’s liveliest and most enjoyable events. The Festival, which also features live bands and a beer fuelled disco, is hosted jointly by the local Rotary and rugby club at the Glen Pavilion.  Local beers on offer this year include Dunfermline’s very own De Brus Ale, a delicious light blonde ale with a hint of citrus. The beer, which is named for Scots hero Robert the Bruce who is buried in Dunfermline, was launched by Reubens WineStore earlier this year to much acclaim.

The image above shows John Mills in Ice Cold in Alex which tells the story of an army captain leading his men on a gruelling and dangerous trek across the deserts of North Africa in the second world war, spurred onward by dreams of an ice cold beer. You, however, don’t need to go to such lengths – £10 at the door and you’re in.