Innis & Gunn opened their first pub on Lothian Road in Edinburgh on Friday 24 July. Fans will be able to buy their beer fresh from the brewery along with pub grub at The Beer Kitchen, a welcome addition to Lothian Road. In years gone by the area was never viewed as a going out destination but, with the opening of Red Squirrel and The Hanging Bat, and now The Beer Kitchen, that could be changing.

After the beer was discovered by accident – founder Dougal Sharp was asked by whisky distillers to develop a beer to flavour their oak whisky barrels but the unexpected end product was delicious beer – the brand has gone from strength to strength. As well as opening The Beer Kitchen, the company launched a Beerbond earlier this year to raise £3million to fund a new brewery in south east Scotland. The company also runs events at its HQ in the west end of Edinburgh; I. J. Mellis, the cheese company is running a joint beer and cheese tasting on the 15 September.