Lucy Moose on STV’s The Hour from The Neon Hive on Vimeo.

From her lovely but draughty converted pub in Auchtermuchty, Fife Lucy Turner, otherwise known as Lucy Moose,  turns doodles into amazing 3D figures made from recycled fabric.

As well as regular commissions for TV, Lucy’s creations have played a part in various family dramas. She’s replaced much loved toys which have gone missing, recreated a little girl’s dog when a house move meant she couldn’t take the dog with her, crafted a childhood doodle for the  parents of a 35 year old to give him on his birthday and sent a doodle dog and figure to a soldier in Afghanistan.

Orders from around the world arrive daily after the doodles appeared in the press and on TV.  STV’s The Hour, The Observer, The Telegraph, the New York Times website and magazines such as Marie Claire have all featured Lucy Moose.  It was only when she received  enquiries from Canada that she discovered her doodles had been on Canadian TV!

In fact Lucy has come full circle. Making monsters for TV was Lucy’s childhood ambition and after several years in London working in fashion PR and photography she’s returned to that early plan.

Saccharine versions of the doodles they are not; children’s view of the world is refreshingly un-Disney.  Take the friendly-looking, cartoon-like car. A closer look reveals two sinister looking skulls in the windows.

So don’t throw away your kids drawings and next time you are absent mindedly doodling bored during a meeting, think about how your leaving present might look.