Right now at the FifeSpace Gallery at Rothes Halls, there is a rare opportunity to view inspiring works created at Victoria Hospice, Kirkcaldy. ‘Making Memories’ showcases the talents of patients attending the day hospice and features fused glass, paintings, textiles, mixed media and printmaking.

Victoria Hospice provides specialist palliative care to those in Fife with cancer and other life limiting illnesses and the art on show has been produced during the creative, therapeutic art sessions offered as part of the Day Hospice care. The sessions provide an opportunity for the patients to focus on new skills in a social setting, boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

Clinical Service Manager Fiona Mackenzie says, ‘At a time where life can be difficult, and anxieties and concerns for self and family can feel overwhelming, arts and craft have been shown to lift mood and increase confidence of participants.  People who say that they are ‘not artistic’ are supported to produce work that can be shared with family and give a sense of pride and achievement. Having a sense of purpose for the whole of our lives is a great gift.’

‘Many of the patients attending the day hospice have never had the opportunity or inclination to try any arts or crafts,’ adds Amy McNeil of the Hospice Arts Team, ‘they will often need a bit of convincing before getting involved. Once they do though it becomes something they are eager to continue with, and many people have developed their talents through the sessions, establishing a new hobby which can help to distract them from any pain and discomfort’.

During the exhibition Victoria Hospice Arts Team aim to run art and crafts sessions for the public, encouraging different generations to take the time to create together and make their own memories. 

The exhibition runs until 30 December. Entry is free.