The small town of Burntisland is not the bustling economy it once was but there some attractions for families if you are in the area.  It’s produced it’s fair share of famous sons and daughters as well –  David Danskin, the founder of Arsenal Football Club as well as pioneering female mathematician and astronomer who also has an Oxford College named after her, Mary Somerville.

There’s the blue flag beach and on wet days there’s an indoor leisure centre. The centre’s swimming pool has two flumes and a wave machine in the main pool. Once the children have burned some energy you can take them to Potter About Ceramic Cafe. The cafe is a large space where, fortunately, the decor is not precious – there are child friendly plastic Ikea sofas at the back, sanded floorboards and old wooden chairs in the cafe area – perfect for the busy school holidays. Owners Lorna Duffin and Pat Hanson took over the ceramics cafe three years ago in 2011. They recently decided to open one Saturday night every month to serve dinner; the venue is not licensed so you can bring your own wine. The next opening for dinner is on Saturday 8 November – they just ask that you pre-order your choices from the menu. Vegetarian and gluten free options are available; Avocado Sweet hasn’t sampled the menu although the Victoria Sponge was nice and definitely home baked.

Potter about, Ceramic Cafe, Bistro and play corner. Tel: 01592 873680
253A High St

Mon-Sat: 9:00am till 5:00pm
Sun: closed

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