A team of volunteers in Rosyth is hosting Scotland’s third – after Edinburgh and Glasgow – Real Junk Food Project feeding bellies not bins. The project, founded by social entrepreneur Adam Smith, is a global, organic network of cafés that rescue food destined for landfill and turn it into meals served on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis.

Inspired by the concept, the team in Rosyth cook  ‘junk food meals’ from 5pm-7pm every Thursday at a community hub and kitchen. People sit round a table and eat three courses made from food rescued from landfill. Fruit and vegetables from the nearby community orchard and gardens are also available to take home along with waste food from supermarkets and local businesses.

Food Project Manager at The Hub Karen Dorrat says:  ‘We are delighted to officially become part of this project bringing people together over a tasty hot meal using perfectly edible food that would otherwise have been thrown away.’

Sharon Wilson,  a member of the board that oversees the work of The Hub,  commented:  ‘Approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food being produced in the world gets discarded every year. That simply does not make sense.’

Volunteer Will Little said: ‘Food waste isn’t something I gave much thought too ’til I was down on my luck and needed to. Being a depression and anxiety sufferer also, The Hub showed me that people care  about each other and the world and I literally feel The Hub and its projects saved me.’

Rosyth Community Hub is at 8 Aberlour Street Rosyth. It has rescued over 1000 kilos of waste food since April of this year and served over 1000 community meals.