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Recipe for trout from Fyfe Smokery, Dunfermline

This week we have a recipe for trout from Elaine Hardie at the Fyfe Smokery, Dunfermline. ‘This recipe is suitable for trout or Char. Locally many people fish for trout as a hobby, and most trout is farmed. But the season for wild sea trout is right now, so ask your fishmonger to source some for you. Wild sea trout are bigger than river trout, as they have an abundance

Mackerel California-style; recipe from the Fyfe Smokery

Here is our latest recipe from Elaine Hardie at the Fyfe Smokery, Bruce Street, Dunfermline. Mackerel is a sustainable choice of oily fish, found all around the coast of Scotland and is abundant in health benefits and flavour. Try this Californian style recipe, made with common store-cupboard ingredients, and dream of sunshine…. Mackerel California-style Serves 2-4 2 fillets of mackerel 115g butter 2 tsp paprika 1 ½ tsp salt ½ tsp

Easy peasy lemon squeezy; simple lemon sauce for fish

Our latest fish recipe from Elaine Hardie at Fyfe Smokery, Dunfermline could not be easier. Here is a wee recipe that will go well with sole or plaice. Plaice is plentiful just now, so the price is good. The fillets should be dusted with seasoned flour, then pan fried in butter till flaking. Keep the fillets warm till you make the lemon butter sauce: Whisk together 50g unsalted butter, 1.5

Orange Crumb Salmon by Fyfe Smokery

Today, Elaine Hardie from Fyfe Smokery in Dunfermline brings Avocado Sweet readers her latest recipe. This really simple dish works well for both salmon and trout.  Salmon is mostly farmed nowadays, and therefore it is sustainable and has no impact on wild fish stocks. It is more affordable than ever, so is ideal for a dinner party when feeding a crowd. Try doing this recipe in one whole side of

Simple herring recipe from Fyfe Smokery, Dunfermline

Herring is the featured fish this week in our third recipe by Elaine Hardie from the Fyfe Smokery, Dunfermline. ‘I thought I’d bring you a recipe for herring as we are coming into the very short season for it. This oily fish is a valuable source of Omega 3 and is very quick to cook. The traditional ways of serving the “silver darlings” are coating them in fine oatmeal and pan