Don’t panic, like we did, at the tiny portion of chips in the mini frying baskets served at the Tailend restaurant in St Andrews, Fife. The waiting staff will bring you more chips when you are ready. Once you’ve relaxed because your extra chips have arrived you’ll realise the haddock is really fresh at this Market Street restaurant which is also a takeaway and fishmonger. Maybe being a fishmonger helps to make sure the fish is fresh  but perhaps it’s also got something to do with the name on the door; the name Spink suggests a connection with the famous Arbroath Smokie family. You can have wine and local beer with your fish supper; Tailend is licensed and there’s an interesting gin tasting menu with local gin from Eden Mill.   Before long it won’t just be the Fife town that enjoys Tailend; Dundonians can look forward to the freshest ingredients when a second branch opens in their city.

A large fillet of battered haddock, chips and peas is £11.45.

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