Genius captioning makes Terrible Real Estate Photographs the funniest thing on the internet right now – enjoy.

It’s the level of commitment shown here that sets this particular accidental selfie apart from the rest. He even got dressed up for the occasion.

Drinking with my beg-your-pardon?

Avoid using photographs which suggest that the photographer was slowly and quietly circling the house looking for an unlocked door.

Modern building techniques now allow completed houses to be dropped into position from a great height, with variable results.

One can’t help but suspect that this was once part of a far larger and altogether more ambitious photograph.

Sit back, relax, and let the static from the television give you a migraine.

Presumably the idea being conveyed here is that if you don’t buy the house, the agent can arrange for you come to significant harm when you least expect it.

A testament to these austere times, this bathroom is constructed entirely from other houses’ dead space, overhang, and stairwells.

And do we think it was a Happy Birthday? I have my doubts.

I’d have serious reservations about this property. Not least the fact that it would be very expensive to heat in the winter.

Don’t do it. You have so much to live for.  Also, there’s a very real chance you could get stuck on the way down – It’s not a very big gap. Maybe try the roof?

Your own bar? Awesome. Made from the remnants of a Japanese prisoner of war camp? Less awesome.

Whatever the question is, “I don’t know” is the answer.

The house is available for viewing, but ask nicely – It’s very shy.

It always seems a shame to leave your guests on their own while you go to the toilet. Problem solved.

“Come on in! Pass the toilet paper and I’ll be with you in a minute”

Yes, this is real. It’s a photograph of what I can only describe as a domestic horse.

If those are nicotine stains, then that thing on the floor could very well be a lung.

The dedication of some agents has to be admired. Particularly the ones who continue to work even as they lapse into unconsciousness.

Do excuse us. We’ll come back later.

Clever use of light and shade combined with some coloured balloons recreate that familiar sense of sinister foreboding often associated with children’s birthday parties.

A tip: If someone has recently passed away in the presence of their loved ones and family priest, it’s OK to rearrange the chairs afterwards.

I mean come on. You had all day to close that drawer. And when do you finally snap into action?

In tribute to mime artists the world over, I publish this without comment.

If he still hasn’t finished his crossword he comes with the house.

Never rush a photograph.  Even if an intruder is literally pressed up against the window immediately behind you.

The worst thing about this is the fact that he looks as if he’s about to get in.

Given that it’s a trademark characteristic of the undead, I think we should be concerned about any real estate agent who doesn’t have a reflection.

Looking for somewhere to sit staring into space for a few days before killing yourself? We have just the property for you…

There were structural problems with this property, but they are now very much in the past.

Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a small lady who likes climbing onto ledges. Don’t bother her and she won’t bother you.

This property features a fully fitted kitchen, as viewed here by a drunk man lying on the floor.