signpost-1_AwardIt was a long way to travel to get a photo of a signpost. However, these days visitors to John O’Groats are less likely to turn on their heel disappointed at travelling all that way just for some signage. Thanks to Natural Retreats, who worked with Scottish architects GLM and Manchester interior design company, No Chintz, there is self-catering accommodation, a shop and co-operative cafe.  Admirably, Natural Retreats decided to keep the original building because upgrading and extending was a lot more expensive than demolishing and starting again but the Victorian baronial style of the older architecture is perfectly complemented by the architect’s choice of colourful Nordic inspired timber clad extension.  A double bed room starts at £62 per night.boat1PipRustageJOG29PipRustageJOG3 PipRustageJOG1 PipRustageJOG24 PipRustageJOG34 PipRustageJOG38 PipRustageJOG42 PipRustageJOG61 PipRustageJOG66 PipRustageJOG88 PipRustageJOG165 PipRustageJOG174 resize-1.php resize-2.php resize.php sitting1 vertical-1