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LEGO Architecture launches Robie House

The most painful thing to stand on in bare feet known to man, LEGO is also one of the most enduring and creative toys around. The company has for several years produced kits, designed by architectural artist Adam Reed Tucker, that celebrate the best of American architecture. You can build your own Sears Tower, White House, Space Needle or Guggenheim Museum as well as Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House

At Home in Japan – Beyond the Minimal House

Hazard a guess which country these interiors are from?  Japan would probably be your last choice because its not the minimalist interior you expect and probably love. These photos are from an exhibition at the Geffrye Museum in London which aims to dispel the myth of the neat, minimalist interior by recreating everyday homes from Japan.  At Home in Japan – Beyond the Minimal House runs until 29 August 2011. It