Art & Design

Rebecca Szeto brushing up on her art

Instead of leaving paintbrushes sitting in jars of white spirit for weeks only to end up chucking them in the bin, San Francisco-based artist, Rebecca Szeto has transformed paintbrushes into beautiful renaissance ladies. Dried up paint brushes never looked so good.

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Thomas Heatherwick’s £170m design for Pier 55, Hudson River, New York

Reminiscent of his design for the Olympic Cauldron is British designer, Thomas Heatherwick’s new design for the Pier 55 in the Hudson River, New York. Pier 55 will replace the delapidated Pier 54, famous as the site where Titanic survivors landed. In the hectare of parkland there will be a performance space that can accommodate 1000 people seated and another 2,500 on the grass. Walking along the curved paths through the woods will bring you to another 800-seat amphitheatre and

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Writing & Film

Mary Somerville – maker of Heaven’s map

In the modest seaside town of Burntisland in Fife in the early 1780s lived a girl who would become the pre-eminent thinker in science and mathematics of her day, known and feted throughout Europe. Eventually a school, an Oxford College, an island, even a crater on the moon would all be named for her. But first Mary Somerville had to negotiate her way through a society that did not expect her to be educated at all never mind become a

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Food & Drink

The Uruguayans are coming – tackle a South American Wine Tasting at Reubens

by Paul Rudge, Reubens Wine Store  Overshadowed by its bigger South American neighbours for years, Uruguay has in the past few decades emerged steadily and quietly on to the world wine market. You cannot talk about Uruguayan wine without mentioning the iconic grape variety, Tannat which has played a pivotal role in the country`s rising wine status. The first Tannat vines to arrive in Uruguay were brought across the Atlantic in the 19th century by Basque settlers, but it is

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Islay and french gin; the latest on gin by Paul, Reuben’s Wine store

Paul from Reuben’s Wine Store gives us the low down on gin. The store will be hosting a gin tasting at The Bruery, Dunfermline this Thursday, 22 January. Shaken, not stirred! ……. …. There’s something very British about Gin, not just because of London Dry or the links with Imperial rule in the far-east but the way it’s been ever present in our society for so long and across so many social spectrums. In Ian Fleming`s 1953 novel Casino Royale,

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Christmas greetings from Darktown: Jonny Hannah’s brilliant new work

One of the finest artists ever to come out of Dunfermline, renowned illustrator Jonny Hannah has an impressive new book out. Greetings from Darktown tells of a mysterious coastal town, not found on any map, peopled by pin-up girls, jazz artists and tattooed sailors. Darktown is home to the Unquiet Grave junk emporium; the Mermaid Café where Woody Guthrie still plays each week; McVouty’s vintage clothes shop and a pier with a condemned helter skelter. Joining Hannah on his trip

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