The Skids & the Scottish Punk Revolution 1977 at FSC

Photo of The Skids (above) by Virginia Turbett and below by Paul Slattery Dunfermline’s Fire Station Creative, is the chosen venue for an exhibition of historic photographs from the punk music scene 40 years ago. The show, titled ‘Scared to Dance: The Skids and the Scottish Punk Rock Revolution 1977’, is being curated by frontman, Richard Jobson, and music business consultant, Ronald Gurr. ‘In 1977 I started a fanzine in

Never Go Forwards Without First Looking Back: Aase Goldsmith remembered in Glenrothes

Borrowing a phrase from Bertold Brecht for its title, this retrospective of the much admired Danish born photographer Aase Goldsmith is currently on show at the Rothes Halls in Glenrothes. Goldsmith, who died in 2015, lived in the Fife town from many years and her documentary work principally portrayed life and living in North East Fife at the turn of the millennium. The work on show here has been exhibited

Dunfermline photographer delighted to be featured in prestigious exhitbition

Pattiesmuir photographer Kevin McCollum, whose work has been featured several times on Avocado Sweet, is delighted that two of his images (below and bottom) have been in included in The Collection Series: Works from Private Photography Collection and Alan Dimmick’s Studio. The two part display, which is at the Stills Gallery until 9 April, marks the continuation of a series of annual exhibitions aimed at increasing the visibility of photography

Stunning photos of the Outer Hebrides

French photojournalist, Laetitia Vancon took these stunning photos of the Outer Herbrides because she wanted to record the lives of young people living there and their relationship to the place where they live.  She started taking pictures for ‘At the End of the Day’ in January 2016 and the subjects featured are between the ages of 18 and 35. She writes: ‘The first tableau of this series seeks to reconcile the

Shooting artists: Gabriela Pieniazek captures the Fire Station Creatives

While the artists of the Fire Station in Dunfermline are preparing for the Open Studios at the end of this month, Polish photography student, Gabriela Pieniazek, has captured their portraits within the context of their own working environments. “This project has made me step back and be more of an observer than a creator. I had to get to know the people personally. I fell in love with the process

The night surfers of Cornwall; atmospheric photos in the moonlight

Every May there’s a night time surfing event at Fistral Bay, Newquay in Cornwall. The two-day competition takes place under the fluorescent light of floodlights set out along the beach. In 2015, London documentary photographer Liam Aylott captured the surfers as they prepared for the contest: ‘The build-up to the competition was great – many surfers and their families and friends would gather round to share fish and chips, and

Drivers of East London, 1986-1987

On a warm May morning in 1986, Chris Dorley-Brown brought his camera to East London to see if he could capture the sell-off of Rolls Royce, one of the Tory government’s privatization initiatives. It was the first sunny day of the year and he became distracted, capturing instead the frustrated expressions of the imprisoned drivers in the East London traffic. The photos have been collected into a 96-page hardcover book,

Striking architectural photography by Sebastian Weiss

You could perhaps guess that Sebastian Weiss started with a qualification in constructional engineering, progressed to design and technology with assignments for advertising and design agencies such as BBDO and Frog Design. In September 2013,  he became a photo columnist at Architectural Digest, Germany, a Conde Nast publication.

Nobody’s Home: Buzzcocks star’s exhibition opens at Carnegie Birthplace Museum

The new photography exhibition at the Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum is intriguing both for the photographer and the subject matter. John Maher is best known as the drummer of The Buzzcocks but, since 2002, he has been living on the Isle of Harris and and documenting deserted croft houses in the Outer Hebrides. The result is a sublime and haunting photo series, Nobody’s Home. ‘These abandoned croft houses lie scattered throughout the