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Festival anxiety: too many to choose from

Life was much simpler when there was just Glastonbury and the Edinburgh Festival.  The explosion of festivals; music, food, culture and literary, has made choosing a stress-inducing decision.  Although there’s no need to fret over the banana split festival; you’ve already missed it.  That was in Ohio in June.  In America though you would still face the anxiety of choosing between two testicle festivals; Montana’s Testicle Festival (or Testy Festy)

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Glasgow Jazz Festival 2011

The 25th Glasgow Jazz Fest starts today 29 June  and runs until 3 July. There will be over 80 gigs at 24 venues across the city, featuring almost 500 performers including Ramsey Lewis (above). The festival kicks off with a screening of the offbeat British jazz film All Night Long at the City Halls Club Room. This year the festival is focused around the City Halls and includes headline performances

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