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John Cairney on The Proclaimers in New Zealand

This article first appeared over 10 years ago on a website called Tartan Umbrella. Veteran Scots actor John Cairney, who was living in New Zealand at the time, is won over by the passion and thoughtfulness of a live performance by The Proclaimers in Auckland and recognises a new brand of Scottishness being taken around the world. He refers to the Reid twins as young – scary to think they

Robert Burns' face? Cherchez la femme

The rosy cheeked and elegantly coiffed image of Robert Burns as portrayed by Alexander Nasmyth is the one that has come to be universally accepted – but how close is it to reality? Has the old familiar image prevented us from seeing the real man? Using forensic technology, a 3D model was recently created at Dundee University to show Robert Burns ‘as he really was’. Apart from having Burns look

An Oberammergau for Dumfries: pageant brings Burns into the sun

Robert Burns, poet, songwriter and Scottish icon, spent his last seven years in Dumfries in Scotland’s south west. It was his retreat from the Edinburgh literary world that had brought him, only a year before, contemporary fame. It was in Dumfries he wrote his great songs, Auld Lang Syne, My Love is like a Red Red Rose  and John Anderson My Jo. It was here he had his children and died