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Lucy Moose: transforming your doodles

Lucy Moose on STV’s The Hour from The Neon Hive on Vimeo. From her lovely but draughty converted pub in Auchtermuchty, Fife Lucy Turner, otherwise known as Lucy Moose,  turns doodles into amazing 3D figures made from recycled fabric. As well as regular commissions for TV, Lucy’s creations have played a part in various family dramas. She’s replaced much loved toys which have gone missing, recreated a little girl’s dog

Take your mum to tea with an artist on Mother's Day

Avoid the crowds on Mother’s Day and take your mum to tea with an artist. Artists across Scotland are opening their studios and serving tea on Sunday 17 March 2012. Tickets are around £5 per person and places should be reserved on the Take Your Mum to Tea site. Artists based in Fife include Lucy Turner, the creator of the very popular “stuffyourdoodles”, 3D stuffed characters created from your drawings