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Dave does Dunfermline: latest Scotland in Detail

Introducing ‘Dunfermline’, the latest in journalist David Cowan’s popular Scotland in Detail series. You can check out the other featured towns here. The colourful posters are printed on quality A2 paper and cost £50 each including post and packaging. The Dunfermline poster is a limited edition A3 size and costs £40. Queries and orders should be sent to info@scotlandindetail.com.

New York, Paris, Scotland: photography exclusive

We are great admirers of Scottish photographer Kevin McCollum’s work and are delighted to announce that a collection of his prints are now available exclusively through Avocado Sweet. Kevin has created a series of beautiful photographs called Around the World.  Four images which complement each other in terms of subject and composition have been curated to give the visual impact seen in galleries.  Above, left to right are Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris; Chrysler