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Finding Vivian Maier: documentary released in UK

We were very excited back in 2012 to bring you the fascinating story of Vivian Maier, the reclusive street photographer whose previously unseen work was discovered in a Chicago auctionhouse by John Maloof. The lifetime’s worth of stunning pictures are these days celebrated the world over and now a brilliant new documentary made by Maloof charts Maier’s life and work as well as his own journey of discovery. The film

Vivian Maier: a major talent emerges from the darkroom

Like many female artists, the name of 1950s New York street photographer Vivian Maier is not as well known as her that of her male peers. It’s not the fault of some anti feminist conspiracy however: Maier showed her work to no one. Instead this strange, solitary individual worked as a nanny in New York and Chicago, all the while taking picture after picture and storing them away in lockers.