There’s a very interesting exhibition on at the moment in the beautiful new Reid Building, part of the Glasgow School of Art. It begins tonight andruns until 26 April. Put together by GSA’s Senior Research Manager Julie Ramage, Dr Lorna Hands and Dr Nicky Bird, Becoming Awesomestow  presents the findings of a research project into investments in cultural assets in towns and their effects on regeneration.

The research group looked at three towns: Lerwick, Walsall and Dunfermline to assemble evidence of ‘Strategic Added Value’. The investigations show that while the original visions and masterplans for creating cultural quarters and creative districts in these towns were often idealistic, the new venues stimulated practical and varied activities and benefits, in keeping with local needs.

The project was funded by Nesta’s ‘Bright Ideas Fund’ and the results are shown through photography, visual material and narrative accounts.