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Ainslie Henderson is Moving On with heartbreaking music video…

Do you remember Ainslie Henderson from the first series of Fame Academy? He was the slightly intense, jumpy Scottish singer songwriter who was tipped the win the contest but ended up finishing 4th. He went on to enjoy a mildy successful music career throughout his twenties before deciding that the life of a pop star was not for him. He then studied animation at Edinburgh College of Art and has

Jim Morrison on why Fat is Beautiful

In this interview with Jim Morrison he explains why fat is beautiful. Below Larry King reveals what happened when he was seduced at the tender age of 23. Both interviews are cassette recordings from journalist interviews and appear on Blank on Blank which has animated the sound recordings. Other gems include an interview with Meryl Streep discussing beauty and Dino de Laurentis.

Fashion Grandpas

Fashion Grandpas, is another welcome variation on the theme that style is not confined to the young – although not sure how happy the subjects would be with the ‘grandpas’ tag. Advanced Style, led the way a number of years ago showcasing the style of older women and has already being featured on Avocado Sweet – you can see the new Advanced Style documentary showing at cinemas in the UK

Tom Hanks: ‘Damn You All to Hell’

In 2012 Chris Hardwick sent a beautiful 1934 Smith Corona to noted typewriter collector Tom Hanks as in ingenious way of asking him to give an interview on Nerdist Podcast. Within days, Hanks responded with the charming letter seen below, typed on the Corona.   Via Letters of Note, published by Shaun Usher.

Where I See Fashion

Where I See Fashion is a Tumblr by Bianca Luini who matches fashion with pictures of art, buildings, architecture. She may even have tracked down the designer’s original inspiration.