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The rules of golf when the bombs drop…

From the wonderful Shaun Usher here is a post from his Lists of Note, the sister site to his Letters of Note: As the Battle of Britain began to take hold in 1940, a bomb fell on an outbuilding belonging to Richmond Golf Club in Surrey, England. As a result, the club — rather than halt future rounds of golf — issued an incredible list of temporary golf rules to

Other people's shoes: tales of forgiveness and empathy

Exploring the possibilities of forgiveness through real stories: the Forgiveness Project is a UK based charity that uses the stories of victims and perpetrators to facilitate conflict resolution and promote behavioural change.  The project encourages people to consider alternatives to resentment, retaliation and revenge and central its efforts is work with ex-offenders and victims of crime. As well as collecting stories, the Project has created a powerful touring exhibition and

Men made miserable by shopping

A source of fascination are those couples who manage to shop together without ending up in the divorce courts. One man decided to photograph his peers instead of spending the time sleeping or constantly looking at his mobile phone and the result is a very popular Instagram, ‘Miserable men that went shopping. I felt their pain’.          

Unseen Rolling Stones photos found at a flea market

Musician Lauren White found these snapshots taken during The Rolling Stones 1965 US Tour in a fleamarket in California. After some research she realised that they had never been seen before and certainly had never been published. The photographer still hasn’t been identified. Even for a band that is eternally youthful they look incredibly young – most are in their early 20s. The pictures have that ‘before they were famous’

Johnny Cash’s To Do List

  If only all to-do lists looked like this one from Johnny Cash. Featured in Lists of Note by Shaun Usher who has just published a book inspired by his popular blog, Letters of Note. Image courtesy of Julien’s Auctions.  

Terrible real estate photographs: bad photos, brilliant blog

Genius captioning makes Terrible Real Estate Photographs the funniest thing on the internet right now – enjoy. It’s the level of commitment shown here that sets this particular accidental selfie apart from the rest. He even got dressed up for the occasion. Drinking with my beg-your-pardon? Avoid using photographs which suggest that the photographer was slowly and quietly circling the house looking for an unlocked door. Modern building techniques now