Do you ever feel like you end up spending more time reading the guide book than you do travelling? Not so with these maps now selling in the Avocado Sweet Shop and published by Herb Lester Associates. Billed as introductions to cities rather than a comprehensive guides, the maps are described as ‘a guide to the usual and the unusual’.

For Clandestine London, the publisher has ‘scoured the city for pubs with easy exits, bars with hidden alcoves, and gardens neglected by the hordes. There are places listed which just feel clandestine, and others so impenetrable that even planned meetings present a challenge. Of course, in this crowded metropolis the danger of a chance encounter with an old acquaintance is ever-present, you have been warned.’

How to Find Old New York ‘is a guide to the grubby, thrilling New York of old, a city of short tempers and impromptu conversations with strangers…What unifies these disparate places is that they’re the real thing; whether glamorous or down-at-heel, they’re linked to old New York that sham Blarney Stone bards and phony speakeasies can never be.’

An Uncle’s Guide to London: ‘As and uncle or aunt it is your obligation to spend some time with any nephew or niece you may have. This can be a testing time for all concerned. Childish pursuits may seem a little pointless to an adult, where hours spent doing very little in bars and restaurants are sheer torture for children..we have compiled this list of attractions with both parties in mind; joyful larks for the carefree young and minimum anxiety for the careworn elders.’

Most of the maps are £3 each plus 60p postage and packaging from our shop and would make cheap but brilliant presents for friends and relatives.