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Affordable furniture for small spaces from The Futon Company

Despite being named after an uncomfortable bed that was popular in the 1980s, The Futon Company sells a range of well-designed, attractive and good value furniture.  The furniture is cleverly made to fit into small spaces; many items are streamlined, can be folded away or are dual purpose.  


The Oak lean-to desk above, priced £179, complete with shelves takes up less space than many others and the console table below, is long and narrow yet opens up to create a dining table.  For a small house or flat, a blanket box  which is also long and narrow is just more sensible than the usual bulky shape.

Console table which doubles as a dining table is £299.

Oak blanket chest, £179.

The solid birch Concise Dresser with a chair that fits underneath for £199.

How's this for a clever idea? The Tea Zone Table below fits on the end of their Oke range of sofas and costs £24.95

The garden armchair and bench both fold away.

Products are available to buy online from The Futon Company or from stores around the country.

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  • Furnish 123

    Thanks for sharing these ideas for decorating a small space. At Furnish 123, we also have some great pieces of furniture that look great in small spaces. A sleeper sofa is another great way to maximize a small space because it can be used as a bed when you have guests at your house. 

    • sweet

      Thanks for your comments and sorry for the delay in replying. We will check out your site. Regards Avocado Sweet.

  • Ian

    console table as dining table great..looks tempting


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