After the success of last year’s event Comic Con is back in Dunfermline. Opening in the Glen Pavillion at 10am on Saturday 11 March, the event features a wide range of exhibitors including BHP, Scotland’s leading indie comic book publisher. Their titles include Heather, Laptop Guy, Maximum Alan and Mega Penguin.

Clare Forrest’s Mighty Women of Science is a playful and enlightening look at some well known- and some not so well known- women who have and continue to change the world of science. From A for Astronaut (Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space) to Z for Zoologist (the award winning Biruté Gladikas), Mighty Women of Science is an all ages book in full colour. Art & Colours by Clare Forrest.

Little Shop of Heroes, Dunfermline’s Comic Book Shop, is one of the organisers; check out the illustration below of the store’s staff.