Unlike MDF, cardboard furniture can’t kill you and, even better, if you’re moving house you can make your children carry the sideboard. Reinhard Dienes has designed a range of cardboard furniture for Fashion for Home that is light weight, eco friendly and – not always a given with eco ranges – it looks good. Below is the Georgia sideboard which costs £149.

The furniture company, which has recently started selling online in the UK and Ireland, is not just about cardboard. With offices in Berlin and China the company aims to sell designer looks at affordable prices. German founders, Marc Appelhoff and Christoph Cordes have recruited designers such as Reinhard Dienes and Danish designer, Tobias Jacobsen, grandson of Arne, to supply the good looks. Costs are kept down by selling online only, saving on retail space, and a made to order production means low storage costs. Below are the Bentwood Shelves at £159.

Below Dickens Cardboard bookshelf from £179.

Below Gran 2 seater sofa starts at £599.

Below, Copine Dining Table and Chairs. Table starts at £419 and £259 for a pair of chairs.

Below, Richmond 3 seater sofa starts at £659.

Below Easy 3 seat sofa starting at £949.

Below, Dowel 2 seat sofa £749.

Can’t afford £5,000 for that Eames original? What about a Jacobsen for under £200?


Via Button Chair Set for £199 designed by Tobias Jacobsen.




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