The Kronk Drawings by Alan Grieve

There’s nothing more powerful than shared nostalgia and The Kronk disco stirs fond memories for many. The club ran from 1989 to 1992 in various venues in Dunfermline, eventually ending up in a nightclub called Banners in downtown Lumphinnans. By the time it reached the West Fife mining village, buses were travelling from all over Scotland to this notorious rave club.

Now, Dunfermline artist Alan Grieve has produced an exhibition of prints inspired by the The Kronk Disco which is on display at the workspace, Dunfermline, Fife from Saturday 9 March. The exhibition features a series of drawings based on the many photographs, flyers, mix tapes and clothing Grieve has collected relating to this unique piece of social history.

These small towns in Fife punched above their weight – music and dance made the Kronk a memorable and iconic event for people from all over Fife and beyond. The club was named after the famous boxing gym in Detroit and – in an unfortunate irony – was later the site of a well-documented fight between Hibs and Dunfermline soccer casuals.

For more information, check out the recently-formed Facebook group, We Loved the Kronk, which provides a platform for shared memories of the infamous dance club.


The Kronk Drawings by Alan Grieve at Workspace Dunfermline, 54 Headwell Avenue from 7.30 Saturday 9 March.