Today Glasgow Women’s Library opens a preview of an exhibition to celebrate its 21st anniversary. It’s come a long way since the damp freezing shop front in Garnet Hill staffed by volunteers. The Library has commissioned 21 Scottish artists and 21 writers to produce work for the exhibition which opens today, 21 September. Artists include Ashley Cooke, Kate Davis and Ruth Barker – who has produced the silk scarf printed with the hand design  – and Turner prize nominee Lucy Skaer.

The Library runs events run throughout the year such as one with writer Kirsty Logan (above) and a reading with crime writer Denise Mina (below). A welcome and unexpected addition to the library is an archive for the National Women’s Rollerball curated by Ellie Harrison – she’s the one wearing the helmet.

It’s a testament to the staff that Glasgow still has a vibrant library. There are other women’s archives and libraries around the world – such as Istanbul and Harvard – but the Women’s Library in London is under threat because their host, London Metropolitan University, is facing funding cuts.


Below, image by artist, Ashley Cooke.

Below, Kate Davis has produced a limited edition digital print that is available for £300 to help raise funds for the Glasgow Women’s Library.

Below writers, artists and audience at Library event.

Ruth Barker scarf below.

Lucy Skaer, The Good Ship Blank and Ballast, 2010. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Matt Carter.