Following sold out runs in Glasgow and Aberdeen, Jocky Wilson Said, by Dunfermline writers Jane Livingstone and Jonathan Cairney, is coming to Edinburgh in a new Gilded Balloon production to tell the story of a Fife sporting legend .

Set in 1979, not in the gloom of a Scottish pub but under the blistering sun of the Nevada desert, the one man show features a tour-de-force performance by award winning Outlander star Grant O’Rourke. The show, a fast paced hour that is both funny and moving, is the first time Jocky Wilson has been portrayed on stage or screen. 

Writing in The Scotsman, Joyce McMillan said, ‘The role of Jocky is brilliantly played by Grant O’Rourke… the play succeeds in delivering a hugely enjoyable slice of Scottish popular history.’

Lorna Irvine in The List said, ‘Livingstone and Cairney’s pithy yet tender take on the Scots legend is a real pleasure to spend time with: funny, couthy, and – yes – full of soul.’

Jocky Wilson Said is on daily at 3.45pm for the whole of August at Gilded Balloon’s exciting new venue The Rose Street Theatre (Venue 76). You can find out more and book tickets here.