The phone photos below don’t really do it justice, but the exhibition currently on show in the DCLG Community Gallery is not to be be missed. As with many great endeavours it is as bonkers as is it brilliant. Incredibly detailed, skilful, informative and packed with jaunty personality, it tells the story of 13th Century monastic life in Culross Abbey which is celebrating its 800th anniversary.   The exhibition was created by Rae Hunter, Hilda Clark, Emily Le Marie, Agnes Mabon, Jenny Johnston, Karen Somerville, Margaret Connors, Margaret Dalgleish, Hope Culley, Patsy McKeeman, Baba Hendry, George Duncan and Dennis Fisk with St Ninian’s Church Craft Group contributing the trees, bushes and vegetables. The exhibition is on until 25 October – it deserves to be seen by as many people as possible so go along if you can.