‘Not every craft project looks like Martha made it’ are the wise words on the CraftFail site. Quick to spot that Pinterest and other craft sites were begging to be satirised CraftFail along with Pinstrosity and Pintester do just that.  Pintester’s strapline is ‘fucking up pinterest pins so you don’t have to’.

Despite their apparent lack of crafting skills some of the publishers seem to be actual crafters.

CraftFail was started by Heather Mann who explains: ‘We only feature crafts that have been deemed fails by their own creators. In other words, we don’t call people out and tell them their crafts are ugly.’

Sonja Foust of Pintester says, ‘I am in no way associated with Pinterest, except that I spend far too much time on it planning weddings I will never have and designing rooms I know I will never do. (I can’t even work up the energy to paint a wall, honestly.)’

Pinstrosity by Emily and Marquette has a burnt toast grading scale for pinterest fails from slightly burnt to toast in flames.

If you’re thinking of taking up a craft in the new year check out these sites first. Learning a language might be the way to go.

Ruffly T-shirt scarf – nailed it on CraftFail.

String balloons – nailed it on CraftFail

Melted crayon art on CraftFail

Snowman from Pintester.

Bleached jeans on Pinstrosity.

Marbles nails, reality zombie nails on craftfail


Shark cupcake on craftfail.

Tower of children on Pinstrosity

Sucky sock wreath on Pinstrosity

Pumpkin baby photo on Pinstrosity