The sci fi book collection curated over at Good Show Sir! comes complete with commentaries on the extraordinarily elaborate cover art favoured by the genre. The site’s creators have been sharing these book store finds among friends from years and describe their approach to the covers and the artists who created them as ‘fondly mocking’. ‘We laugh,’ they say ‘but we wholeheartedly salute their greatness.’

‘I have no mouth, but I have a double chin and a sousaphone ear with tiny people creeping out of it and a plum floating out of my eye and a grape in my other eye and tiny legs and…I MUST NOT SCREAM!’

‘As we all know, cats love eggs and shellfish.’

‘Alternative ending to the Lion King’

‘The story of a golden sorceress dragon and a male cellist who do battle with an evil dragon. There are no skateboards, blond girls, rainbow dragons or palm trees. There is however a passing mention of cats.’

‘Scotty we need more clip art!

‘She can’t take much more capatin! we push her any harder and we risk a font overload!’

‘Dammit – just do it man!’

‘Can you add a long trail of golden ectoplasm to the woman’s lower body? It should imply ‘you have radiant womb’ and not ‘you should see a doctor about that.’

‘This little piggy levitated glowing hourglasses, this little piggy immolated himself, this little piggy  performed a Satanic ritual and was possessed by a demon.’

‘One eyed sex runts. No other words are necessary.’