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Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival starts today

The music of Scottish band BMX Bandits penetrated the depression of producer Jim Burns when nothing else could. The therapy continued when Jim decided to make a film about the Beach Boys-influenced band. The Bandits front man, Duglas T Stewart has also suffered bouts of depression –  the subject of his single ‘Serious Drugs’. Both film maker and musician will be speaking at a screening of the film Serious Drugs as part

Cruel Summer by Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat

Recognise this cover of Bananarama’s Cruel Summer? Bill Wells and Falkirk’s own Aidan Moffat couldn’t sound or look more different. The video is by Paul Fegan. Wells and Moffat recently won the first award for Scottish Album of the Year for ‘Everything’s Getting Older’. Here’s what Moffat had to say about the need for Scottish awards – very persuasive but cleverly avoiding all the usual parochial arguments. ‘But more important

My Favourite Place in Scotland; A Wall in Falkirk

Scottish songwriter and musician Aidan Moffat has written a song about his favourite place: the wall in Falkirk where he used to meet up and hang about with his friends as a youngster. The Scottish Book Trust has asked celebrities and ordinary people to submit some writing about their favourite place in Scotland. Many are romantic texts about the beauty of the landscape but many will recognise these less misty-eyed