Recognise this cover of Bananarama’s Cruel Summer? Bill Wells and Falkirk’s own Aidan Moffat couldn’t sound or look more different. The video is by Paul Fegan.

Wells and Moffat recently won the first award for Scottish Album of the Year for ‘Everything’s Getting Older’. Here’s what Moffat had to say about the need for Scottish awards – very persuasive but cleverly avoiding all the usual parochial arguments.

‘But more important than taking the prize is the new award itself. As I said on the evening – before we won! – it’s not about nationalism or parochial pride, it’s a simple case of arithmetic; there just aren’t enough spaces on other UK or international awards lists to fully represent the abundance of good music that our wee nation produces annually. The obvious parallel to the SAY Award is the Mercury, and they only have ten spaces to share out between four countries, so it only makes sense to have our own similar award – indeed it’s been a long time coming.’