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Dr Hook: if I said you had a beautiful lobby would you hold it against me…

Coat hooks, like calendars, are modest household items which seem to inspire a sort of mania in designers to come up with ever more stylish and innovative prototypes. The ones featured here should allow the design conscious to hammer home their aesthetic credentials the minute anyone steps into their home. Be aware however that when you hang more than one coat on your hooks you no longer see the design

Pattern: Stripes

Is there anything that can’t be improved by the addition of a stripe? This hammock is £55 from Deckchair Stripes, a company with an exceptional dedication to the stripe. Everything they produce from aprons to beach tents is striped in a fantastic range of colourways. The limited edition Kenwood Mixer, £469.99 from Amazon – why can’t all kitchen apppliances be this bright and beautiful? For wall to wall stripieness: this