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By Elke: alchemy with fabric and wool

These brilliant 'critters', like the cushions below, are made from recycled ski sweaters. Check them out along with lots of other clever ideas on By Elke, one of the most charming crafting blogs around.  Elke Bergeron, who is based in Colorado, makes amazing things from wool and fabric and is also a talented textile designer. The cashmere animals below are just asking to be hugged close… By Elke is full

The Cut Out and Keep guide to internet success

Like all the best ideas Cut Out and Keep is very simple. An online community for making and sharing step by step craft tutorials, it currently features nearly 50000 projects. The site started out in 2003 as a sort of scrapbook cum blog run by Scottish Computer Art and Filmmaking graduate Cat Morley.  As she posted examples of her personal craft projects she began to receive emails from people who