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Easy peasy lemon squeezy; simple lemon sauce for fish

Our latest fish recipe from Elaine Hardie at Fyfe Smokery, Dunfermline could not be easier. Here is a wee recipe that will go well with sole or plaice. Plaice is plentiful just now, so the price is good. The fillets should be dusted with seasoned flour, then pan fried in butter till flaking. Keep the fillets warm till you make the lemon butter sauce: Whisk together 50g unsalted butter, 1.5

Create crab linguine with the Fyfe Smokery

Crab is the featured shellfish this week in our second recipe by Elaine Hardie from the Fyfe Smokery, Dunfermline. When buying crab, you have the choice – live and whole, or cooked and prepared for you. British brown crab is affordable and delicious and this recipe shows exactly how easy it is to prepare this versatile shellfish. The meat is sweet and delicate, and lends itself to many different recipes. It

Arctic Char; the new salmon on British menus?

Welcome to our new series of seafood and fish recipes on Avocado Sweet by Elaine Hardie from Fyfe Smokery, Dunfermline. Here Elaine tells us about Arctic Char – worth considering as an alternative to salmon or trout.  Arctic Char The Arctic Char is a fish native to Britain, and is now farmed as a result of ongoing developments in aquaculture since the 1970s. Now that it is being farmed could