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Tales from allotment 65: on pea weevils and topsoil…

Well I’m not sure where to start this month. Things are looking bleak on our patch and I’m feeling very despondent. I read somewhere recently that allotmenting is a marathon and not a sprint, if that is true then I have reached the wobbly legged stage when you think all is lost. All the green bean, courgette and pumpkin plants that I was so pleased with in my spare room

Tales from Allotment 65 – on gooseberries and slugs

Nearly one month in and it is amazing how much we have achieved. Our friend Craig has built a fantastic new net cage over the new gooseberry bush which is now bearing tiny wee green gooseberries. We’ve planted a globe artichoke in there too but it will be 2012 before we see any artichoke action. I am taking great delight in making things from found stuff.   I salvaged some lovely