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Selvage: what you can do if you listen to your grandmother

Rachel Collins, like many of us, was taught to knit by her grandmother. Unlike most of us however, who never got beyond pointless squares and gappy Doctor Who style scarves, she has gone on to be the creative force behind Selvage, a young company based in Crossgates, Fife which sells beautiful, supersoft Fair Isle blankets, scarves and cushions in the muted tones of the Scottish landscape. Rachel, who grew ...

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Nikki McWilliams cushions: biscuits with bounce

Taking her inspiration from British culture and a selection of good old basic biscuits, Dundee based Nikki McWilliams has produced a delicious range of cushions you won't know whether to snuggle or bite into. All of Nikki's products are handmade in Scotland using locally sourced materials. Prices start at £28. ...

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Tom Butcher – beautiful and usable ceramics

There is something elemental and timeless about sipping wine from stoneware wine cups and I had planned to feature a selection of them. However,  I have only found one set I really like. Most that I looked at would have been fine for sitting down to dinner at King Arthur's Round Table or taking part in a Lord of the Rings convention but were less apt for domestic use. The lovely set above is by Tom ...

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Clootielugs – little birds big on charm

We fell for these sweet little birds, with their washing machine copper wire legs and reclaimed textile bodies, last week at The Pittenweem Arts Festival. At only £10 each, they were flying out of the shop on tiny felt wings.     Jill Kitson is the artist and maker behind the Fife based label Clootielugs. A graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, these days Jill loves to s ...

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