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Design for Dunfermline: Blueprint event asks citizens for their High Street ideas

The latest event in the Blueprint Dunfermline programme, which celebrates the built environment of Dunfermline and West Fife, gives Dunfermline residents the opportunity to put forward their ideas for structural changes to the town’s High Street. Jointly hosted by Avocado Sweet and local architectural firm Sam Foster Architects, the ‘architectural drop-in’ event, will take place on 7 and 8 October in the Community Gallery at the new Dunfermline Carnegie Library & Galleries. 

School pupils design their own outdoor classroom

Children will be the architects, landscape designers and clients for their own outdoor classroom in Dunfermline this spring.  James Daw from Sam Foster Architects and Paul Morsley from Iglu Studio, landscape design will help the Primary 7 pupils from Commercial and St Margaret’s to build the classroom in the nearby woods which are used by both schools. At the launch at the end of September, James explained that,  as the

Blueprint Dunfermline -coming soon!

Exciting new community-led project coming soon! Watch this space for news of interesting events, activities and publications celebrating the architectural and design assets of Dunfermline and West Fife. For more information, contact michellemcwilliams@me.com or janelivingstone@tiscali.co.uk.

Architecture Guide #5: Buckets and Spades

Forget images of seasides, sunshine and sand: I’m an architect so when we use buckets and spades it’s usually because we’ve seen a hole that needs filling. If I were a planner or an Architect (note the capital ‘A’) I might refer to ‘tears in the urban fabric requiring repair’. But that’s too pretentious even for me. What I’m alluding to is the constant process – sometimes gentle, sometimes brutal

Pends and vennels: Dunfermline Architecture Guide #4

Pends and Vennels. The words sound like a medieval rap duo, don’t they? Or an Ian Rankin novel, perhaps. But that’s probably where we would be more likely to associate those words with: Edinburgh. There the pends, closes, vennels, wynds, alleys and lanes flow down the side of the volcanic ridge that defines the Old Town like soft toffee, moulding and squeezing themselves around and past immovable obstacles, offering shortcuts

Dunfermline architecture #3: loose fit, long life buildings

In the third of our regular features on Dunfermline architecture, Sam Foster introduces us to the concept of ‘loose fit, long life’ buildings. It seems we have plenty of them locally and the recently refurbished Fire Station is a prime example… ‘I’m guessing you’ll have already have been to Fire Station Creative – the refurbished Dunfermline fire station on Carnegie Drive – because when I went up there for lunch

Introducing Dunfermline architecture – crow stepped gables, art deco beauties and a dash of pseudo brutalism

We’re excited to bring you this new regular feature from Sam Foster of Sam Foster Architects in Dunfermline. Over the coming months Sam will be looking at some of the fascinating buildings and landmarks of Dunfermline and Fife. As soon as you brave an upward look and risk exposing your throat to that biting north-easterly you’ll start to see it: we are  completely and utterly surrounded by a wealth of